Super G’s Quiz



“Super G” is our official mascot, and he’s getting to be somewhat of a celebrity around town. Perhaps you’ve seen him marching in a parade, or hanging around the shop during one of your previous visits.

Anyway, Super G is a bit of an automotive trivia buff, and as a good mascot, he’s concerned about keeping his customers “Car Care Aware“. So he’s prepared the following little quiz for you.

To see the answers you can scroll down to the bottom (Please, no cheating – this makes Super G very upset).


The Questions
















How “Super G” Earned His Name


It’s really quite an amazing story. One that entails unbelievable exploits of courage, bravery, international intrigue, unrequited love, and more than a little bit of good fortune. We first heard the story from a camel broker while vacationing in Morocco. His name was Ali, and he was a small but good-natured man who spent the better part of a long, hot afternoon telling us of this incredible tale.

But to be perfectly honest, this story is so astonishing, that reading it on a website simply doesn’t do it justice. So, in order for you to experience the full effect of thisepic tale, why not bring your car down to the shop for a tune-up, or an oil change, or perhaps some needed repair work. While you’re here, we’d be glad to tell you the story of The Legend of Super G.


The Answers


#1 – B, #2 – A, #3 – D, #4 – B, #5 – C, #6 – All are correct, #7 – A, #8 – C.


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